Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis

Tempe is soy bean cake & Ikan Bilis is anchovies. This is another Indonesian cuisine I look forward to eat. My mom makes the best Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis despite her not an Indonesian. I never like my sambal sweet. It must be spicy, slightly salty & crisp.

Before preparing the sambal, tempe & dry ikan bilis need to be fried until crispy.

Next is to saute pounded shallots. The more shallots the better. I normally about a dozen or more.

As usual, once the shallots turn almost golden, add in chilly paste. The amount is really up to you.

Keep stirring, add in salt to taste(not too much as the anchovies are already salty).

Once you see the cooking oil starts to rise to the surface (in other words pecah minyak), join in the tempe, anchovies & cut onion.

Stir well as to mix together the ingredients. Keep on stirring in slow fire until the paste is almost crisp.

There you go, Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis


MrsNordin said...

Oh wow! Your kitchen blog ni is awesome! The pictures make me drool in hunger!

Will definitely "steal" some of your recipes for dinner this week. Thanks !

p/s cool pics!

jabishah said...

Mrs. Nordin,
Hehehe thanks... Come over, whenever ur hungry.
Don't forget to share about it! ;-)