Thursday, 19 July 2007

Kari Udang

Kari Udang is Prawn Curry. Prawn dishes have always been my favourite since I was small. However, I was never introduced to this dish then. My mother never did cook prawn with curry. Hubby in fact made me try cooking this as he loves Indian cuisine. Now, this dish is another regular dish on my dining table. First is to saute some sliced shallots and garlic together with lightly pounded lemongrass.

Next, add in curry leaves and curry paste earlier prepared. I use curry powder meant for cooking prawns. Add about 2 tablespoon of chilly paste to the curry powder before stirring with ample water.

Keep on stirring until the paste is cooked.

Add in water and cut potatoes wait for the curry to boil.

Meanwhile, get the prawns ready. Really up to you what type of prawns you prefer.

Now is the time to put the prawns and cut tomatoes into the curry.

Add salt to taste and there you have it your "Kari Udang".