Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Soto Ayam

My oh my... has it been 2 years since I last updated this blog? Wow! Double wow!! Well I choose not to explain... ;-) Anyhow, I'm happy to know even though the author of this blog has gone for  a long hibernation... its followers & in fact new guests too do come & visit. Thank you... & I feel honoured really! With that I hereby make a pledge to update often. How often is often? Well... that only time can tell.

Now, I would like to share another favourite in my household - Soto Ayam. This recipe I got from this book which I long abandoned. You see my future husband then used to buy lots of recipe books (okay... I won't lie. hated it really. but as the saying goes... cinta itu buta, I never complained). Now, who would have thought the book which was published in the year 1997 is a precious gift after all.

I have made some amendments to the recipe. Let's start working. First of all is to sautee one sliced onion until almost golden.

Next join in the wet pounded ingredients - 8 cloves of shallots & 4 cloves of garlic, 

Stir for a minute or two & add up the dry pounded ingredients consist of 2cm of fresh turmeric, 3/4 tsp of black pepper, 3/4 tsp of cumin (jintan putih), 3/4 tsp of aniseed (jintan manis), 3/4 tsp of coriander (ketumbar

Continue stirring until you smell the aroma of the spices 

Then join in half chicken carcass

Mix the spice well with the carcass & add in 4 big chicken keels

Next pour in 4 bowls of water

Let the broth simmer. Season with salt to taste.

Once the chicken is tender take it out. Let cool.  Shred the flesh & put aside.

Next is to prepare the begedil. You need 4 large potatoes. Cut & fried (do not boil). Straight away mash them while they are still hot. Add in a tbsp of fried shallots, a tbsp of chinese celery (daun sup) , 100gm of minced meat, salt & white pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients together & roll them like this picture

 Beat 2 -3 eggs. Put the small balls into the batter & deep fry them

In a bowl, put nasi impit  (rice that is compressed & cut into small pieces), fried vermicelli, shredded chicken,  fried peanuts, the begedil, fried shallots & sliced chinese celery. Pour in the broth. 

My girls love them without the cili sambal (chilly paste). I take my soto with cili sambal. Merely a combination of chillies, soy sauce, vinegar & salt. 

 Enjoy your Soto Ayam!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kam Heong

I got the chance to taste my first Kam Heong in PD & had fallen in love with this stir fry. We had squid but I'd like to share this recipe with shrimps instead.

OK first of all is to get the shrimps ready. Cleaned & marinate with a tablespoon of turmeric powder & salt.

Stir fry for a while only for the shell to change colour.

Next is to saute 2 tbs of pounded shallot & garlic. Use the same oil.

Don't forget some curry leaves...

Once golden, join in 2 tbsp of ground dried shrimps , 2 tbsp of curry powder & 2 tbsp of dark soy sauce. Stir well for a couple of minutes.

After that pour in a tbsp of corn flour diluted in a half cup of water. Continue stirring. Add salt if necessary.

Join in the half cooked shrimps. Stir evenly.

Waaalaa... Kam Heong is ready. Serve hot with white rice. If you opt for squids, I like it better if the squids are deep fried in batter. Enjoy your Kam Heong :-)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ikan Kukus

I have been abandoning this blog I know. But I am aware of the traffic to this blog. Thank you my dear readers for keep dropping by. As for that it makes me drag myself to update this food blog :-)

The reason for my absence is due to my latest passion in sewing. Not only that, I have spent more time constructing another blog... Yes, another blog. I can't cope with 2 but now I have 3!! ;-)

My latest blog is my online shop. Do give a hop... Who knows you may like something there ;-) Here's the URL jabishahsews.blogspot.com

Now back to the food. I'm sharing a steam fish recipe I got from a book. If I'm not mistaken it was Chef Wan's. Tried & my girls attacked like vultures. Hehehe... Here we go.

Clean the fish & put aside. I normally purchase cut fish. Easy to store & most importantly my steamer cannot fit a whole fish.

Slice 1 piece of torch ginger (bunga kantan), 1 lemon grass, 5 red chillies, 2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves (daun limau purut), 1 cm ginger, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 stalk of spring onion (daun bawang) & a stalk of coriander leaves (daun ketumbar).

Add in 1 1/2 tbs of sugar, 3 - 3 1/2 tbs of lime juice, half tsp of anchovies powder & 3/4 tsp of corn flour. Mix evenly.

Pour the sliced ingredients onto the fish (I used 2 types of fish)

Steam for an hour

The steam fish is ready

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ikan Cencaru Sumbat

This is a recipe from my MIL. I love this fried unlike HB who prefers it grilled. What's important is the filling she makes that is simple yet appetizing.

First is to saute 2 tbs of pounded shallots & a tbsp pounded garlic.

Once it turns golden, add in 3 -4 tbsp of chilly paste

Stir evenly until the paste is cooked

Join in 3-4 tbsp of grounded dried shrimps. Continue stirring for a minute.

Put in 3 cups of grated coconut

Stir & add in salt to taste if necessary.

Fill up the fish (which should be earlier marinated with turmeric powder & salt) with the filling.

Deep fry the fish until almost crispy. You may also grill it as HB likes it.

Here you go the Ikan Cencaru Sumbat.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Kek Batik Biskut Marie

I realise that I seldom update this blog. My latest passion in sewing has taken a lot of my time. A newbie venturing in crafts... ;-)

In this entry, I'm sharing a Kek Batik Biskut Marie recipe. I fail to understand why is this lovely dessert called a cake. But again what shall I address it? Brownie?

I have always love to eat this sinful dessert. Never wanted to make it my own as none of my girls showed any interest. Now they begin to appreciate it & we can really attack this kek batik like vultures!

I've tasted many kek batik but so far, this is the recipe I like best. My sister's... I used to simply request for her to make some for me but now that I'm sharing the portion with my girls as well, I decided to ask her for the recipe. So, here we go...

First is to break 300g of biskut marie into smaller pieces. I normally ask my assistants to do this part ;-)

While they get busy with the biscuits, I prepare the chocolate coating. Melt a block of butter (250g).

Once melted pour in 505g of condensed milk. Continue stirring in slow fire.

I prefer this brand.

Next, add in half can (use the condensed milk can for measurement) of cocoa powder. This is the reason why I prefer this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead of Milo.

Continue stirring & it will turn into this dark chocolate fudge.

Once evenly mixed, join in the biscuit pieces & turn off the gas.

Coat the biscuits with the fudge.

Transfer the coated biscuits onto a tray. I usually put a layer of plastic sheet first. It will come handy when you want to cut it afterward.

Let cool in the fridge.

My sister shared this tip though. She does not use a tray nor a casserole instead a plastic bag.

For this measurement, she will get up to 7 bags which really depend on the sizes. She rolls them neatly & transfer all to the fridge.

The idea is not merely less messy but when it is cut, each piece is coated with chocolate.

Kek Batik Biskut Marie