Monday, 17 August 2009

Kek Batik Biskut Marie

I realise that I seldom update this blog. My latest passion in sewing has taken a lot of my time. A newbie venturing in crafts... ;-)

In this entry, I'm sharing a Kek Batik Biskut Marie recipe. I fail to understand why is this lovely dessert called a cake. But again what shall I address it? Brownie?

I have always love to eat this sinful dessert. Never wanted to make it my own as none of my girls showed any interest. Now they begin to appreciate it & we can really attack this kek batik like vultures!

I've tasted many kek batik but so far, this is the recipe I like best. My sister's... I used to simply request for her to make some for me but now that I'm sharing the portion with my girls as well, I decided to ask her for the recipe. So, here we go...

First is to break 300g of biskut marie into smaller pieces. I normally ask my assistants to do this part ;-)

While they get busy with the biscuits, I prepare the chocolate coating. Melt a block of butter (250g).

Once melted pour in 505g of condensed milk. Continue stirring in slow fire.

I prefer this brand.

Next, add in half can (use the condensed milk can for measurement) of cocoa powder. This is the reason why I prefer this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead of Milo.

Continue stirring & it will turn into this dark chocolate fudge.

Once evenly mixed, join in the biscuit pieces & turn off the gas.

Coat the biscuits with the fudge.

Transfer the coated biscuits onto a tray. I usually put a layer of plastic sheet first. It will come handy when you want to cut it afterward.

Let cool in the fridge.

My sister shared this tip though. She does not use a tray nor a casserole instead a plastic bag.

For this measurement, she will get up to 7 bags which really depend on the sizes. She rolls them neatly & transfer all to the fridge.

The idea is not merely less messy but when it is cut, each piece is coated with chocolate.

Kek Batik Biskut Marie


mama fieza said...

kakak.. dah lama saya cari resepi ni yang sedap.. saya dah try Milo.. ni balik kang nak try resepi kakak la.. esok saya bagi komen ek.. hiks... dah la puasa.. terliur saya.. ahahaha

jabishah said...

So ok tak fieza? Ke you prefer w Milo?

mama fieza said...

kak ja!!! i dah buat.. hehehehe.. 10 minit siap!!! sedap.. serius sedap.. kalau milo dia manis sangat.. yg ni bila choco powder.. dia tak la terlalu manis.. hubby pun makan berulang tau.. hiks.. thanks share da recipe.. suka sangat..

jabishah said...

Woohoo! Best kan... Kan dan cakap. Hehehe! Bertambah sayang lah cik abang ;-)

Lala a.k.a. Maria said...

thanks for the well documented step-by-step procedure of this recipe :)

Anonymous said...

coco powder tu pakai van hounten bole kan?

jabishah said...

dear lala,

no prob at all. Im sure it turned out great. too simple dont u think? ;-)

jabishah said...

Dear Anon,

Yes, VH boleh. Mesti best lagi ;-)

fify frincely said...

how many gram did u put the koko powder? i did the part of mixing the buttercup and milk but when it turns to mix with koko, it become sticky. can u find where is my wrong?

jabishah said...

Dear fify,

I never measured the amount of cocoa powder in grams. Half of the can is ample. It should be sticky... was the fire slow?

Anonymous said...

hi there! ive tried this recipe...however, as i was stirring in the cocoa powder, excessive oil came out of the mix...why is it like that? i followed the exact measurement with the same ingredients

jabishah said...

Hi. Sorry for the late response. Did you continue with fire on? I turn off the gas once the mixture combined.

..owner of a lonely heart.. said...

Hi..I've tried the recipe...and it works..thanks..:)

..kek batik biskut marie..

jabishah said...

Hi owner of a`lonely heart,

Glad to know that. Hope it becomes your family's fav :-)

Boniface Paul Banta said...

Hi there, sis. i'm Bonny. i did try this recipe and 1st trial wasn't good enough to share with other uni-mates. and after tried some time, yay! i finally made it. i shared with other Korean and American friends (study the same uni) and they like it. :)
It is one of malaysian signature pastry right? btw, I studies in Beijing. and i'm malaysian.

p/s: and did try some of your recipes.

Anonymous said...

klau guna milo mau brapa?

jabishah said...

Good to know that... I hv ko idea whether it's our signature pastry though.

jabishah said...

Sama quantity tetapi kurangkan susu sbb milo sudah manis