Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Roast Chicken

I received emails & also phone calls requested me to update this blog. I know... It is going very slow. I do have a few other recipes to share with pictures in my document folder but you know sometimes, you just don't feel like it. Moreover, I spent rather too much time completing my travelogue which is taking almost forever!

Now the recipe I'm sharing is very simple. A friend is kind enough to share her secret. This Roast Chicken is simply out of the world. It is moist in the inside unlike other roast chicken which is dry & tasteless. The blended flavour tantalises your taste buds.

First is of course to clean a whole chicken & dry it with a paper towel. Marinate with butter, salt, chicken seasoning, rosemary, basil, thyme, white pepper & black pepper. Leave overnight in the fridge.

Next, add in some clean potatoes & carrots. Poke the potatoes & carrots with a fork. The chicken too especially on the thigh & breast.

Before this, I used the grill function in my conventional-microwave oven to roast a whole chicken. The tip given by friend is to use the whole chicken function. Set the weight & press start. I use the Panasonic brand. I'm sure other brands do have such function too.

I do not turn the chicken as instructed by the oven. Instead, use the same function again after turning the chicken. Once completed, I turn the chicken once more & put it back in the oven but using the grill function this time. This is merely to make the chicken looks brownish. 10 minutes will do. More or less it takes close to an hour of cooking time.

Lastly, serve on the dining table. I usually put in some boiled beans on top. Besides adding more colour to the meal, the beans are amongst the favourite vegetable in my household.

Roast Chicken.

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