Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Soto Ayam

My oh my... has it been 2 years since I last updated this blog? Wow! Double wow!! Well I choose not to explain... ;-) Anyhow, I'm happy to know even though the author of this blog has gone for  a long hibernation... its followers & in fact new guests too do come & visit. Thank you... & I feel honoured really! With that I hereby make a pledge to update often. How often is often? Well... that only time can tell.

Now, I would like to share another favourite in my household - Soto Ayam. This recipe I got from this book which I long abandoned. You see my future husband then used to buy lots of recipe books (okay... I won't lie. hated it really. but as the saying goes... cinta itu buta, I never complained). Now, who would have thought the book which was published in the year 1997 is a precious gift after all.

I have made some amendments to the recipe. Let's start working. First of all is to sautee one sliced onion until almost golden.

Next join in the wet pounded ingredients - 8 cloves of shallots & 4 cloves of garlic, 

Stir for a minute or two & add up the dry pounded ingredients consist of 2cm of fresh turmeric, 3/4 tsp of black pepper, 3/4 tsp of cumin (jintan putih), 3/4 tsp of aniseed (jintan manis), 3/4 tsp of coriander (ketumbar

Continue stirring until you smell the aroma of the spices 

Then join in half chicken carcass

Mix the spice well with the carcass & add in 4 big chicken keels

Next pour in 4 bowls of water

Let the broth simmer. Season with salt to taste.

Once the chicken is tender take it out. Let cool.  Shred the flesh & put aside.

Next is to prepare the begedil. You need 4 large potatoes. Cut & fried (do not boil). Straight away mash them while they are still hot. Add in a tbsp of fried shallots, a tbsp of chinese celery (daun sup) , 100gm of minced meat, salt & white pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients together & roll them like this picture

 Beat 2 -3 eggs. Put the small balls into the batter & deep fry them

In a bowl, put nasi impit  (rice that is compressed & cut into small pieces), fried vermicelli, shredded chicken,  fried peanuts, the begedil, fried shallots & sliced chinese celery. Pour in the broth. 

My girls love them without the cili sambal (chilly paste). I take my soto with cili sambal. Merely a combination of chillies, soy sauce, vinegar & salt. 

 Enjoy your Soto Ayam!