Friday, 31 October 2008

Nasi Dhal

HB ventures with various types of foods in his nature of job. I am not sure where exactly did he have the chance to taste this Nasi Dhal but that was exactly what he requested to eat when asked what he wanted for lunch last week (my mistake for asking!;-D). So, this loyal wife browsed the net & somehow was attracted to the one posted by Gemini Girl (thanks!). Perhaps knowing that the recipe is one of our 4th Prime Minister's favourites caught my attention. Not that I am a big fan of him or anything but I am aware of his perfection character. Hence, his choice must have been a good one. Right?

OK here we go. First is of course to attend to the dhal. I was advised by a Paki descendant friend to use the Australian Dhal or also called as praphu dhal. This dhal does not need to be soaked overnight. Merely boil for 45 minutes or until tender.



Soak 2 & a half cup of Basmathi Rice together with the dhal & 2 tsp of turmeric powder for 15 minutes.

In a pan heat ghee & cooking oil, a tbs of each.

Sautee the spices - a cinnamon stick, 2 cloves & 2 star anise together with 2-3 sliced shallots, 1-2 sliced garlic & an inch of ginger-sliced

Until fragrant & golden

Transfer the sauteed ingredients into a rice cooker. Add in the drained rice together with the dhal.

Don't forget pandan (screwpine) leaves for fragrant.

Pour in 5 & a half cup of water. Dilute 2 tbs spoon of coconut milk in any of the 5 cups. Add salt to taste & leave the rice to cook.

I present to you Nasi Dhal

Serve hot with Ayam Masak Merah or even Kari Ayam.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

This is another of HB's favourite. Who can resist masak lemak? Not me... but don't serve this too often as it carries high cholesterol level ;-)

First, join 3 cloves of sliced shallots, 2 cloves of sliced garlic, 3-4 pounded lemon grass & 3-4 tbsp of bird eyes chilly paste ( a cup of bird eye chillies & half inch of fresh turmeric blended together - store in the freezer for later use) into a cooking pan.

Dilute a small amount (about a quarter) of coconut milk from a box. Pour into the pan & start fire.

In slow fire, keep stirring until almost boiling.

Add in the rest of the coconut milk with a little bit of water.

Do not leave the gravy unstirred.

Let simmer, add salt to taste. Next join in 300gm of prawns & also french beans.

Keep stirring. Lastly add in cut tomatoes.

Add more salt if needed.

Here you go, Udang Masak Lemak Cili Padi

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Mee Rebus

This Mee Rebus recipe, I originally jotted down from a cooking programme hosted by Chef Wan, long ago. I remember, the first time I gave it a try. It was a hit. Now, it remains as my regular Mee Rebus recipe & to those who frequent the makan-makan at my place, this is your favourite Mee Rebus.

It is indeed simple to cook. Perhaps the preparation takes longer time but I promise you it is worth every trouble you have to endure in your kitchen.. ;-)

First is to sautee 10 cloves of shallots, 8 cloves of garlic & an inch of ginger all blended together.

Once almost golden & fragrant, add in a packet of beef curry paste.

When the paste is cooked, add in a kg of sliced beef,an inch of galangal (lengkuas) lightly pounded & 2 tbsp of preserved soy bean(tauchu).

Preserved soybean (tauchu)

Stir for awhile & pour in 400 - 500ml water.

Let simmer until the beef tender. Once tender, join in mashed sweet potato (a kg of sweet potatoes, boil until tender & mash)

Stir & add in 2-3 tbsp of grind peanuts. (The peanuts are fried without fats until crispy, discard the skin & grind. But I chose to microwave the peanuts for a few minutes before grinding instead of frying). Add more water if necessary.

Add 2 tbsp of sugar & a tbsp of salt or to taste. Join in 4 cut tomatoes & it's ready.

Serve with yellow noodle. Run hot water over the noodle before serving.

The condiments that go together with my Mee Rebus.

Clockwise- boiled eggs, fresh chillies, fried tofu, sliced chinese coriander, cut calamansi & fried shallots

Mee Rebus