Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ayam Masak Merah

I'm sharing with you HB's favourite dish. If this is served on the dining table, he won't even eye the other dishes. His love for this "Ayam Masak Merah" started way from his childhood years. A recipe from his grandmother passed to his mother & I, of course learned to cook this from my mother in-law. It is not complicated at all & I'm pretty sure this simple recipe will be a regular on your dining table too. First of all is to marinate the chicken with turmeric powder & salt. Deep fry until half cooked & put aside.

Blend shallot & garlic together. The more the shallots the better. Not too much garlic. Just half the amount of shallots.

Saute the blended ingredients together with pounded lemon grass. Use like 4 to 5. Unfortunately, I only have 3 in the fridge.

Once it turns slightly golden add about 2 tbsp of chilly paste.
Cook for about 5 minutes. Stir continuously unless you use a non-stick pan. Add about 5-6 tbsp of ketchup.

Next, pour about 2 glasses of water. Let simmer for 8 minutes.

Add in sugar & salt to taste plus the fried chicken & chopped onions.

Keep stirring until the gravy becomes slightly thick & your dish ready.

Before serving, I take out all the chicken from the pan to a serving dish.

Next is to separate the oil from the gravy.

Pour the gravy onto the chicken.

"Ayam Masak Merah"

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