Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Time for Pizza!

Happy - Happy Moments

I'm enrolling a blog competition on happy moments & I decided to post this entry as my happy moment in the kitchen. This time it was not only ME, in the kitchen. My 3 girls helped me out with our Pizza Project or should I rephrase... I gave a helping hand to their project (exactly what I heard over a phone conversation between Yasmin & her Grandma).

I prepared the pizza base (well... I delegated it to my breadmaker) & set the oven. The rests were done by my girls. Yasmin & Wardah were in charged of cutting. Balqis helped with the dough & toppings. The end result... superlicious!

Yasmin chopping meat of a patty.

Wardah helping out with the sausages.

Are these too thick?

Another task from Wardah, juicy pineapple.

Balqis using her weight to flatten the base.

Ready with the sauce & let's have fun with the toppings!

Three little chefs at work!

Little Chef Balqis's hand putting the last touch of her pizza.. CHEESE!

Before & After

Their best pizza ever!

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