Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Dendeng Berlado

My favourite Indonesian cuisine, Dendeng Berlado. It is basically fried beef with chilly. The secret is of course the spices. I used to be the only one drooling over this dish but now HB seems to like it too. I got this recipe from a TV cooking programme. Indeed a very simple meal to prepare & I am pretty sure you will agree with me.

First is to prepare the marinated ingredients. Pound shallots, garlics, lemon grass, ginger & turmeric. I love to use extra shallots than garlics in most of my cooking.

Slice beef tenderloin thin & marinate with coriander powder & the earlier pounded ingredients. Put aside.

Next is to pound fresh chillies together with onions.

Fry the marinated beef.

Next is to saute the pounded chillies. Saute in the same cooking oil used for frying the beef but only about 3-4 tablespoon of oil is needed.

Saute just for a short while. Add salt & sugar to taste & put out the fire.

To give more flavour, add in a few drops of lime juice.

Combine the fried beef together & your Dendeng Berlado is ready.


Anonymous said...

how do u fry the meat so it does not get burnt

jabishah said...

Fry in medium to slow fire. Stir occasionally. That shld do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Thank you