Friday, 11 April 2008

Fried Noodle

Noodle, the pasta loved by everyone in my family except for Yasmin. She prefers western pasta to eastern. The only eastern pasta she enjoys is the Japanese Soba.

The local pasta that I usually cook is this yellow noodle and bee hoon (rice vermicelli). There are a lot of styles to cook this pasta. One of our favourites is Fried Noodle.

First is to boil pieces of beef or chicken. This is to produce beef stock & also to make the beef tender. Moreover the process of cooking is shorter. While waiting, you can prepare the other ingredients.

Pound or slice shallots & garlic. Saute in a wok.

Join in chilly paste once the sauted ingredients turn slightly golden with aromatic smell.

Keep stirring until the paste is cooked & add in the beef stock together with beef.

I use dark soy sauce & oyster sauce for seasoning.

Put in dried tofu with fish cake & sawi (chinese mustard) stem.

I happened to have prawns in the fridge & decided to cook that with my noodle. Normally, I don't.

Next in the wok is the chinese mustard leaves.

The yellow noodle I use. Whenever I cook this noodle I always run hot water onto it. This is to get rid off the chalky taste.

Before putting in the noodle, taste the sauce. It should be salty a bit. If not add in salt. Stir well.

Best to serve immediately. I usually use chinese celery & homemade crispy fried shallots for garnishing. Enjoy your Fried Noodle.


kat said...

I so MISS sawi!!! :D
(that's sawi, not mawi... :P )

Can you share your recipe for fried beehoon, Ja? Do you do it like how the nasi lemak sellers sell theirs - the red color dry ones? Thanks!

jabishah said...


;-D You sure u don't miss mawi too? When are you coming home? Sawi & Mawi are here waiting for you!!

I have to ask my MIL for the recipe. I don't really fancy that style of fried beehoon. So kering.. Prefer the chinese style better. Take care.

kat said...

OMG!! I thought mawi's 5 min of fame dah habis!! Still as popular as ever ke?? O.O

Your version sounds interesting too. I remember visiting this Malay chinese-style restaurant at Tmn Tun once. Different from the usual chinese dishes but quite nice.

Bila nak datang AD lagi? Coming winter? In time for sales?? :D

jabishah said...

Hv asked MIL. Quite simple to cook. Will post the pics soon.

ps- might go to DXB nx month tho. x sale lagi laa...