Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Dry Fried Bee Hoon

My friend Kat, who is now staying in Abu Dhabi, UAE is craving for this simple fried beehoon. Staying so far from home, I assume she has to cook all the local foods she wishes to eat. Since I am not really a fan to this style of cooking, never did I bother to find out how it was made. But for Kat, I asked my MIL for the recipe. So, this one is for you girl ;-)

I find that the preparation for this recipe is slightly tedious compared to how I normally fry my bee hoon (rice vermicelli). First is of course to soak the bee hoon.

Next is to fry 2-3 eggs & cut in strips.

Fry tofu & cut into small cubes.

Another is to grind dry some dried shrimps.

Now the cooking process starts. Saute 4-5 pounded shallots & 3 cloves of pounded garlic.

Once almost golden, add in chilly paste.

Keep stirring for a few minutes. Join in about 2-3 tbls of grinded dried shrimps. Also salt to taste.

Next is to add in sawi(chinese mustard) stems. After a short while the leaves.

Join in the tofu & the bee hoon.

Stir in slow fire.

Add in bean sprout & continue stirring.

Fried Bee Hoon as you requested...


kat said...

Thanks Ja!! Really appreciate it.

But I think won't be authentic sebab takde sawi!! And taugeh and tofu here also not common. Kena tunggu sampai balik KL beli dari pakcik-makcik yang jual di tepi jalan!! :D

In the meantime, I will try it with chili powder (sini mana ada chili boh??) and cabbage.

jabishah said...

No problem at all. Ya laaa, sawi, taugeh, tofu difficult to get there. What about switching spinach to sawi? Ok ke?
Do they hv dried chillies? I normally make my own cili boh. But chilly powder will do too.
Take care.
ps- Will be in dubai on 13th till 15th nx month. Not sure whether hv the time to go to AD.

Salt & Turmeric said...

Oh my. tht looks good. Thank u for visiting my blog. i love meehoon better than mee kuning but eversince i came here, tak pernah sekali pun buat meehoon. boleh? kesian kan? lol.

jabishah said...

Tak da ke dkt sana meehoon? Try Chinatown, mesti ada punya... Tx for dropping by.