Monday, 21 April 2008

Grilled BBQ Lamb

I'm blessed with a husband who cooks. Not sure though whether he is naturally a good cook or he is just plain lucky. But what he cooks is not only edible but delicious. One of the few things that he cooks is this BBQ sauce. I really have to compliment him on this one. Even friends are aware of his signature BBQ sauce. The truth, this is the first time I volunteered to be together in the kitchen with him. Merely to snap photos, of course. I don't have the patient seeing him messing my office... you know what I mean.

Ok, let's start with the sauce. Onions, cadlenut & half a lemon blended together.

Next is to saute the blended items with olive oil.

I normally wait for my onions to turn slightly golden, then only I go to the next step. But here, once the sauted ingredients produce the inviting aroma, dry ground pepper is added.

Stir for awhile

After that, put in a bottle of mustard,honey, herb marinade.

Next is the spices. Mixed spice, basil leaves, thyme leaves & rosemary leaves.

Keep stirring.

Next is 2 bottles of black pepper sauce.

Join in honey.

Add in butter.

Next is 2 bottles of BBQ sauce.

Finally is salt & sugar to taste.

The BBQ sauce. We love to prepare this in a big portion. Extra we keep in the freezer.

Marinate the lamb overnight. This sauce is also great for chicken.

The grilling process. If HB is away, I simply grill the lamb in the oven.

Serve with your desired side dishes.


kat said...

Fuyoh.. so complicated-la your husband/s sauce! :D

Tak pahit ke, when you blend the entire lemon skin and all??

If you are popping in to AD, let me know ya? :)

jabishah said...

I never knew he put half of a whole lemon dgn kulit2 sekali until that day I joined him in the kitchen. But it tastes surprisingly delicious... tak pahit pun ;-)