Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Bread. Never did cross my mind that I would one day bake my own bread... The thought of kneading & proofing sounds like forever. Might as well I grab a loaf of bread from the supermarket which can last a couple of days.

It's different now. I'm proudly telling you that the bread served on my dining table daily is baked by ME. Edible bread! The girls love it especially Yasmin. Even hubby looked contented with his first slice of bread!

My first loaf of white bread

Now, the girls experience a different aroma in mama's kitchen.... fresh baked bread. Here is Wardah with mama's bread.

Check out the texture!

Well... I do have an assistant. Very reliable & smart too. Let me introduce you to my Breadmaker!! Hahaha!!

Even with a breadmaker, the measurement must be very precise. I experienced once a mushroom shape bread & short loaf bread. After all, we learn from mistakes.

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