Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kam Heong

I got the chance to taste my first Kam Heong in PD & had fallen in love with this stir fry. We had squid but I'd like to share this recipe with shrimps instead.

OK first of all is to get the shrimps ready. Cleaned & marinate with a tablespoon of turmeric powder & salt.

Stir fry for a while only for the shell to change colour.

Next is to saute 2 tbs of pounded shallot & garlic. Use the same oil.

Don't forget some curry leaves...

Once golden, join in 2 tbsp of ground dried shrimps , 2 tbsp of curry powder & 2 tbsp of dark soy sauce. Stir well for a couple of minutes.

After that pour in a tbsp of corn flour diluted in a half cup of water. Continue stirring. Add salt if necessary.

Join in the half cooked shrimps. Stir evenly.

Waaalaa... Kam Heong is ready. Serve hot with white rice. If you opt for squids, I like it better if the squids are deep fried in batter. Enjoy your Kam Heong :-)


Shakey said... blogging "how to do" kam heong now ah ??? Didn't know PD's kam heong changed your taste buds to this level !


jabishah said...

Hahahaha! It has been a reg meal on my dining table. Checked the taste in PD the other day & wahlaaa... almost the same if not better ;-)

ps- Hey I didn't know you read my blog...

Wooly said...

Hi Jabishah,

I'm back from Dubai for good now! Havne't been checking out recipes online since I'm back because delicious food is available everywhere in Malaysia! (Tak payah nak susah2 'DIY' kat rumah :-) )

I just had a reunion with my ex-schoolmates in Melaka and we went down memory lane talking about the good old days. I was reminded of the yummy kuih epor-epor which I always buy while walking home from school.

I haven't tasted epor-epor since I left school because I haven't found a shop that sells it. Because of that I'll have to start to 'DIY' again :-) I'm wondering if you can help me with that. Do you have a recipe for kuih epor-epor and if you do, could you kindly show me how to make it. I'll be very grateful if you can help me.

Kind Regards,
Lai Yin

jabishah said...

Hi Lai yin,

Ooo ur back for good? So tell me, what do you miss the most of Dubai ;-)?

Regarding the epok2, Im sorry Im no help here. But will ask arnd for you. You take care now & enjoy all the nonDIY foods ;-)

Mamapumpkin said...

Ja, your entire blog makes me so hungry, so hungry! I want to eat your whole blog up!!!

jabishah said...

Hungry is good!! But dont lah eat up my whole blog ;-)