Monday, 5 May 2008

Tomyam Campur

I am not really a Tomyam lover. But having tried this tomyam paste I began to appreciate this Thai Cuisine. I did not prepare this meal from scratch though. I used instant tomyam paste. Ever since I discovered this instant paste, never have I tried others.

First of all is to sautee pounded lemon grass & cut onions.

Once fragrant, pour in enough water. That is 2 glasses of water for a packet of the paste.

This is the tomyam paste I always opt for.

Add in the paste once the water has boiled.

Next is to join in kaffir lime leaves.

Add in sliced beef. Let simmer for awhile to make the beef tender

After that, the chicken.

Some squids.

And of course the vegetables. Carrots, cauliflowers & baby corns.

Add salt to taste & finally, lightly pounded bird's eye chillies

Tomyam Campur

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