Thursday, 22 May 2008


Kerabu I must say is not my cup of tea. What is Kerabu? Basically, it is salad with a unique dressing. There are various ways serving kerabu just like salad. Since I don't really eat kerabu, this menu was never served on my dining table until recently. My mom had lunch with us & she brought along all the ingredients to prepare her kerabu.

Observing her in my kitchen, making kerabu is merely a blink of an eye. Perhaps the fact that she had prepared all the ingredients beforehand made it so simple.

This is the key to her superb kerabu. According to mom, sauteed dried chillies, dried shrimp & grated coconut are all ground together. Add salt to taste.

The vegetables she used for her kerabu are...

Pennywort Leaves (daun pegaga)

Four-angled Beans (kacang botol)

Long Beans


She normally uses Torched Ginger (bunga kantan) too but could not find fresh ones. Stir all ingredients together.

Last touch is juice from a kalamansi (limau kasturi) & salt.

My mom's special Kerabu.

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