Saturday, 7 June 2008

Kuih Keria

Kuih Keria or some calls it Kuih Gelang, is my girls' favourite especially Wardah. To them this Malay delicacy is another version of doughnuts. It is very simple to make & my little assistants always have fun helping me.

The main ingredient to make Kuih Keria is sweet potatoes. There are various types. Look for the ones with white colour.

Sweet potatoes are peeled & cut into small pieces. Boil until they tender. Some boil the sweet potatoes with the skin. They are easier to peel off once tender. But I always choose to peel first.

The tender sweet potatoes

Yasmin helping me to mash the sweet potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes

Add in ample wheat flour to get a firm dough.

Roll the dough into small balls about the size of golf ball. Flatten it lightly & make a hole in the centre. I've never tried using a doughnut cutter. It should work just fine.

Deep fry until golden

Traditionally, the fried rings are coated with syrup. 100ml water & 120gm sugar cooked together in slow fire until sugar dissolved.

Once it thickens, add in the rings.

But I do not prepare mine as such. Improvised to make it simpler. I coat the fried rings in icing sugar. The girls love their "doughnuts" like this.

My mom, however served us sugarless outside. She adds sugar together with the dough. No need sugar coating. Hence, less messy.

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