Saturday, 28 June 2008

Ayam Goreng Bumbu

Who don't love fried chicken? I'm a big fan ;-) How it is marinated, that's not really a problem... as long it is fried!. Hmm.. yummilicious! I normally marinate with turmeric powder & salt or with curry powder & turmeric powder to add the spiciness. Once in awhile I use the instant batter for frying or once in a blue moon, make my own batter. The fried chicken of this recipe is rather exotic. It is another Indonesian cuisine which I recently found out that my helper knew how to make. So, in this post, it was not me in the kitchen (well, I was... snapping photos!) but my helper Sri.

The main ingredients for this recipe besides the chicken itself is galangal (lengkuas). The more galangal used, the more bumbu you get. First is to grate galangal & a bit of fresh turmeric for colour.

Next is to pound, shallots, ginger & coriander. But if you have coriander powder that is even better. Use about 1-2 tbs.

Combine, the grated & pounded ingredients together with coriander onto the chicken.

Stir well

On slow fire, cook the marinated chicken for 5-10 minutes. Do not add in water. The juice of the chicken will help the process. Stir occasionally & add in salt to taste.

Deep fry the chicken

Ayam Goreng Bumbu


Anonymous said...

wowww.... gembira tak terkira, akhirnya terjumpa juga resepi kegemaran ku!! Bila merantau di negeri org memang memeningkan (hal2 makanan nie..). Terima kasih byk2 krn kogsikan resipe nie!

jabishah said...

No problem at all . My pleasure ;-)

ROFI said...

Mekasih bebanyak. Dok carik resepi ni kat internet, dlm bahasa indon, adalah. tapi tak paham ingredient dan caranya. Baca yang ni baru faham. Thanksss

jabishah said...

Sama-sama. Bet ini dah jadi fav menu kat rumah mcm dkt my hse ni ;-)