Thursday, 10 July 2008

Masak Lemak Ikan & Petai

I always prefer chicken to fish. Not really a fish lover... but married to one who is particular about a balanced diet, I am now slowly appreciating this source of protein. This recipe is one of the many signature dishes of my grandma & whenever she cooks this, I forget that fish is not my favourite ;-)

First is to combine, shallots (about 4 but the more the better) & bird eye chilly paste.

Bird Eye Chillies

This is the chilly paste. Fresh turmeric & bird eye chillies blended together.

My mom loves to use Ikan Parang (wolf herring) for this recipe. HB however does not fancy this fish though how tastier & sweeter it is. So, I normally opt for a less bone fish - Ikan Senangin (threadfin).

Ikan Senangin

On slow fire, add in the fish & small amount of diluted coconut milk.

Add in dried asam keping (dried slices of tamarind fruit).

Asam Keping

After like 5 minutes, join the rest of the diluted coconut milk & keep the thick one aside for later ( I use a box of coconut milk for this recipe) & do not stop stirring at all, still on slow fire. Add in petai (twisted cluster bean or stink bean). But the skin should be scraped out first.


Petai with skin scrapped

Next, pour in the remaining coconut milk. Keep on stirring.

I do not like my masak lemak to be too sourish. So, I normally take out the asam keping. Add salt to taste & ready to be served.

Enjoy your Masak Lemak Ikan Senangin & Petai


U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, you are a dangerous woman if not bachelors. Holy Smoke! I can practically get the lovely aroma of your masak lemak disini.
I will be showing this to my wife later, ha ha.

I have not eaten this lemak with petai...If I recollect was wayyyyy back in Trengganu, a Malay friend's isteri masak for me when I phoned I was coming, ha ha.
I am a self inviter (new word this, ha ha). I invite myself...
Kalu malu mana la ada chance with women kan? Ha ha. I mean the food.

There is no spectacle on earth more appealing than that of a beautiful woman in the act of cooking dinner for someone she loves.

But this petai after makan cannot go to people's homes or duduk kapal terbang, ha ha.
Old days I flew East coast-KL-East Coast every week and alamak, sometimes the air hostess has to spray flowery scent in the bathrooms, ha ha.
I remember once flying long distance, someone must have eaten petain before boarding.

Jabishah...I bet you won your husband's hati apart from your good looks thru your this secret weapon?
Betul dangerous ni! Arhaaa ha ha.

Okay, chepat put more rice in your National rice cooker, saya datang sekejap lagi...tentu makan tiga pingan nasi. I am a self inviter, ha ha.
Jabishah, your this masak lemak petai is outstanding! Out of this world...and my new Apple Imac 24 inch shows your lemak macham 3D...ha ha.
Happy cooking Jabishah, tapi jangan lupa lipstick tu, Lee.

jabishah said...

Hello Uncle,
Tq.. you really know how to flatter a woman ;-) Hv you shown to your wife? And how about the kerabu? Did she make one esp for you?
Enjoy the pics my masak lemak... & don't forget to cover the keyboard with towel. Hahaha!