Friday, 5 September 2008

Roti Jala

This Roti Jala is a hit among my girls. Yasmin& Balqis simply eat it just like that but Wardah like me, loves it with chicken curry (I posted a recipe on my previous post). Jala, which means net refers to the netty feature of this unique delicacy which is very much like the French crepe but lacy.

It needs a little bit of patience to make this Roti Jala. The batter has to be very smooth for it to go through the holes of the Roti Jala mould. Sometimes it can go through but after awhile, there might be clumping in the holes. I normally use a clean toothpick to get rid of the clump.

Now, let's prepare the batter. Mix half a kg of wheat flour, an egg, 700ml water & a tsp of salt.

I use a mixer but my mom prefers her blender.

Add a pinch of turmeric powder for colour.

This is the Roti Jala mould.

Before cooking, you need to test the texture of your batter. If it can flow freely through the holes, the batter is ready. If not dilute the batter with more water.

Once it is ready, put a ladle of batter into the mould. Hold the handle & make a circular motion on a non-stick pan.

Brush with cooking oil using Pandan leave.

Flip it over

The Roti Jala

These are the steps to fold the Roti Jala (clockwise)

Serve the Roti Jala with curry. Some take it with durian sauce which is not to my liking.


Ezza Aziz said...

Jabishah,molek benor la masakan you ni,ada anak kecik pun boleh buat roti jala!! gulai petai you ni pun memikat hati,teras macam zaman maka akak ada lagi..dia suka sangat buat gulai petai ni..tapi kat rumah akak tak da sapa nak makan,Abang suka yang raw saje

jabishah said...

Hi Kak ezza,
Masa buat roti jala ni pembantu masih ada lagi. Belum balik cuti. Ada lagi masakan yg belum post lagi. Sekarang susah sikit. Tapi akan cuba update blog ni ;-)