Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku

I am aware of my various masak lemak recipe in this space. My parents are originated from Negeri Sembilan & masak lemak is kind of synonym to the family menu. This is another masak lemak that I love. Pucuk Paku is a type of fern. It goes the best with masak lemak.

Pucuk Paku

First, slice 3 cloves of shallots, 2 cloves of garlic, 2-3 tbs of Bird Eye Chilly paste (I nomally make in big portion. Chillies & fresh turmeric are blended together. Store in the freezer for later use) & a tablespoonful of dried anchovies.

Pour in a cup of diluted coconut milk from a 200ml packet. Heat fire.

Stir continuously on slow fire. After 5 minutes, pour in the rest of the coconut milk.

Keep stirring. Once it's about to boil, add in the Pucuk Paku.

Add salt to taste & it's ready. Very simple. The trick is never stop stirring under slow fire.

Masak Lemak Pucuk Paku. Serve with hot rice.


U.Lee said...

Hi Jabishah, Holy Smoke! Only two days ago I was talking to my wife about this same 'pucuk paku'....but I had forgotten the name.
I told her it grows wild beside roads, estate roads....she remembers it.

Jabishah, it was a long time ago, a Malay makcik friend masak sayor ni, introduced it to me....I fell in love with this dish...masak lemak.

I love it, and honestly, looking at your gambar, saliva pun nak jatuh, ha ha.
Saya ta'makan ni sayor I think 26 years....last if I remember was at a Malay friend's house in Alor Star.

One reason I had many Malay friends was I love Malay food. Ha ha....not to mention Malay girls too, *wink*.

Jabishah....your this lemak is simply delicious.
Betuk torture la tengok your this dish, ha ha.
Semalam my friend Zaitgha (in my posting) invited me for her dish 'ikan goreng sumbat'....alamak, I gila this dish too.

Jabishah, siap kan tiga pingan nasi, here I come, ha ha.
Terimah kaseh seribu for inviting me and refreshing my memory.
Salam and happy Ramadam. Lee.

jabishah said...

Hi uncle,

Glad you like this dish.Whenever I post my masak lemak, you will definitely come in mind. Another sayur masak lemak I love is pucuk ubi. Are you familiar with that?

If you balik kg again, notify me. I wait for you at KLIA with tiffin carrier of various masak lemak. Hahaha!

kat said...

Oooohh.. I miss pucuk paku!! I like it masak lemak and kerabu pucuk paku.

Your kari ayam looks good! I nak buat nasi lemak with your kari ayam. Do you have a sambal ikan bilis recipe in your archive?

I miss the Malay food like your curry and assam pedas! But it's difficult to find fresh herbs which make Malay cuisine so distinctive.

jabishah said...

Hi Kat,

How have you survived the summer in AD? I doubt I have Sambal Ikan Bilis recipe. But in my Nasi Lemak (under rice) I posted how I prepare my sambal. Not with ikan bilis though.. :-(

gkalaiselvi said...

hi, i jus arrived on ur blog searching or pucuk paku. do you know why my pucuk paku has a astringent (kelat) after taste? should i cook it more

jabishah said...

Hi there gkalai,

How did you cook your pucuk paku? Did you simply stir fry it? If that is the case, it does taste "kelat". Even I do not like my pucuk paku that way. Try this masak lemak recipe & you will love it.