Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Rendang Daging

No, I'm not in the raya mood yet. Just felt like cooking this Rendang Daging (beef rendang) for breaking fast last week knowing that it is HB's favourite & his first time breaking fast at home this Ramadhan. Thank to my mother-in-law for sharing her recipe.

First of all is to slice 7-8 shallots, 5-6 garlic & 1 1/2 inch ginger. Put everything in a pan (preferably a non-stick) together with 3-4 pounded ginger & 2-3 tbsp of chilly paste.

Start fire & add in a kg of cut beef.

Stir with 1-2 tbsp turmeric powder under slow fire for up to 5 minutes.

Next, combine 200ml of diluted coconut milk & keep stirring .(700ml coconut milk is used in this recipe)

After 10 minutes, join in 2 pieces of turmeric leaves & the rest of the coconut milk.

Turmeric Leaves

Simmer until boil & do not forget to stir. Once boiling add in 100gm of kerisik (grated coconut pan-fried without oil)


Continue stirring. Add in salt & sugar (I prefer brown sugar) to taste. These pictures below show the cooking process of my rendang. It takes up to 2 1/2 hours.

Rendang Daging

Best served with rice or bread. Of course lemang & ketupat too. Give it a try!


kat said...

At first I thought I wanted to try your rendang, using lamb since we don't eat beef. But alamak!! 2 1/2 hours to cook!! Pengsan!!

Can the time be shortened if we make fish rendang instead??

BTW, how to make the chilli paste? Just grind dried chilli? Sini takde chili boh lah.

jabishah said...

You know Kat, Ive never cooked fish rendang. I assume if you do, you wont get the fish in piece. All hancur...

2 1/2 hrs is considered fast. That's the beauty of rendang... the cooking isd forever. My mom's rendang recipe takes longer than this one ;-)

Chilly paste, yes blend dried chillies which you first boil. I have taken some pics of how I prepare mine. Will post it up.. I don't use cili boh. All homemade...

Lai Yin said...

Hi there again Jabishah,

I tabik u la! Not only are you so good in cooking, you are also very creative in your cake decorating! The cuppies, the castle and this no. 8 cake...they all look fantastic! My daughter'll be turning 8 next year so I might give this no. 8 cake a try;)

I also browsed through your recipes for dalca kambing, nasi dahl, udang masak lemak,...yum2. I'll certainly give them a try.

You are really an inspiration to all of us who love to cook and try new recipes.

Lastly, Happy Anniversary to you and your Hubby. May you enjoy many more years of happiness together with The Gift of Love.

Best Regards,
Lai Yin