Saturday, 24 February 2007

Daging Masak Kurma

This is an excellent dish to accompany my previous recipe, Nasi Tomato. Daging Masak Kurma is beef kurma. Kurma is another Indian cuisine, besides curry. The recipe is almost the same. The only significant is the cooking powder used. Instead of curry powder, kurma powder is used.

The truth is I do not really fancy this dish. Even my mother hardly cooked it when I was smaller. The reason could be due to the absence of chilly flavour in this dish. But I learn to appreciate it after married to my husband. This is one of his favourite dishes & the girls eventually, inherited his taste.

Like most Asian's cuisines, shallots & garlics are always essential. For this recipe, sliced shallots, garlics & ginger, together with lightly pounded lemon grass & a half stick of cinnamon are all stir-fried together.

While waiting, prepare the kurma paste by adding water to the kurma powder. Once the ingredients in the pan turn golden colour, join the paste together. Cook for about 5 minutes.

Before starting cooking this dish, I have already pressure cooked the beef. The girls love the smooth texture & it makes my cooking time shorter.

Once the paste is ready, put the beef together with the water into the pan. If the water is not enough, add up more until it covers the beef.

Next is the potatoes. I usually cut the potatoes to smaller pieces. First, is easier for the girls to eat. Second, is to make the process of cooking shorter as to balance it with the already tendered beef. In midway of cooking, I lightly poke the potatoes with a fork to make them tender faster.

Once the gravy boils, add in 2 - 3 tablespoon of coconut milk.

Lastly is the tomatoes. Cut into 4 or 6 pieces, whichever desired. Add salt according to taste & wait until the tomatoes tender.

Try it. Daging Masak Kurma. Also can be eaten with bread & white rice.


ka..t said...

Mmmmm...looks good, even if I don't eat beef!

Keep those recipes coming! I love Malay food, but have always been put off by the long list of ingredients in most recipe books. I like your homestyle recipes and you make it seem so easy to cook! Mom's and grandmom's recipes are always the best, I say!

When I move to UAE, I will be coming to your site to get recipes whenever I miss home, ok? :)

jabishah said...

Glad you like it... Mail me of anything that you feel like cooking once ur in UAE. I will dig somewhere to get the recipe for you!