Thursday, 15 February 2007

Sweet & Sour Fish

To be frank, I don't really enjoy this dish. Anyhow, this is Wardah's favourite. My two other girls, Yasmin & Balqis like this too. I think hubby enjoys it too. He never complains when I serve this dish. The regular fish I use is always pomfret (ikan bawal). The fish is cut to two or even three if it is too big. Deep fry the fish after marinated with turmeric & salt. The reason why I do not mind at all cooking this is merely because of the vegetable. My girls fortunately are not that picky when it comes to vege. But that depends only on the vege that they are familiar with. Most of the vege that accompanies this dish is their regular. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower & baby corns. They only refuse to eat the capsicum. Well... that is meant for hubby. And they love the pineapple. Ok, here's how I go about cooking it. First, stir-fry the chopped onions. Then add in carrots, cauliflower & baby corns. Cook until tender.

Next pour in a can of processed peas, together with
the water.

After that, combine broccoli & capsicum inside the pan. Next add tomato sauce & stir.

Lastly put in chopped pineapples with a little bit of the syrup. Don't forget to add sugar & salt according to taste.

This dish is normally served with the gravy poured onto the fried fish. But it has to be eaten once cooked. As I always prepare food earlier due to time constraint, I normally put aside the gravy & the fish. Combine both only when it is time to e

Tips - It tastes better with chilly. Either serve with cut fresh chillies or stir-fry chilly paste together with onions. Try it!


Henry Leong said...

The M'sian causeway hawker food are tasty and inexpensive

jabishah said...

I agree.. I especially love the stir-fries.

Anonymous said...

Yummy... one of my fav. dish and must confess, I do miss Mee Carrot.


jabishah said...

Mmm... mee carrot. Want the recipe??