Monday, 29 December 2008

Ikan Masak Kicap

My Ikan Masak Kicap is very simple but this is how my girls love it. Even I begin to enjoy this dish as much as them ;-)

First is of course to fry the fish marinated with turmeric powder & salt. I love to cook mackerel (ikan kembung), scad (ikan selar) or red snapper(ikan merah) for this recipe. As for this one I used Golden Band Scad (ikan selar kuning). It is good not to fry it too crispy.

Sautee 1 cut onion together with half & inch of sliced ginger.

Once it turns almost golden add in 4-5 tbsp of soy sauce.

Next pour in a glass of water. Add in salt if necessary.

Join in the fish & let simmer for 5 minutes.

Ikan Masak Kicap


Lai Yin said...

Yum, I love ikan...and this is a really simple and delicious dish. I love visiting your site because you always update your blog with very good recipes. I tried your udang masak lemak the other day...and it was a success! :) Can't wait to try the nasi dahl and dalca kambing. You really inspire me with all these great recipes and with your cake deco. I'm hopeless at decorating cake but will give your no.8 cake a try when my girl turns 8 next year. Thanks again Jabishah. Best Regards, Lai Yin

jabishah said...

Hi Lai Yin,

Thank you dear & you are most welcome. Cake deco is fun. Just enjoy yourself with the icing & also be expressive. I never attend any formal cake deco class. All I learn frm the net... Take care!

fazemy said...

Wahh deleciuos.

jabishah said...

Simple as my girls love it ;-)