Saturday, 24 January 2009

Barbie Doll Cake

I have baked & decorated a few Doll Cakes before but never had the chance to post for an entry here. Anyhow, on Balqis's 4th birthday last November, I had a camera in hand to snap some shots.

I love to use the Moist Choc Cake recipe as it's so simple & of course, my girls' favourite. For this doll cake, it was my first time using a whole Barbie doll instead of the half body doll meant for doll cakes. I bought myself a Wilton doll cake set which comes with the doll but there was an episode during the elder girls' birthday whereby the doll's hand caught fire from the lit candles.

The Wilton doll cake pan is not tall enough for the whole Barbie Doll. I needed to bake another cake for the bottom dress. Or else my doll cake might look funny as the doll & the dress are not proportionate.

The Wilton doll cake pan. Normally I add another half the recipe. You can also use a deep round bake pan.

Round cake pan for the base.

Ice the base.

Next, put the other cake onto the iced base.

Slowly poke in the Barbie Doll.

Ice the dress & put in the fridge. After a few minutes when the first layer has harden, ice another layer. The reason for this is to make the icing process easier & almost crumb free.

Ice the base with desired coloured icing & return cake back into the fridge. Continue with the dress.

I used nozzle tip no. 46 for the frills.

Draw ribbons with nozzle tip no. 3

The Barbie Doll cake is almost ready except for the bodice & accessories.

I chose to make the bodice as simple as possible with nozzle tip no. 102.

Use nozzle tip no. 4 for the dots as necklace & hair accessory. Silver edible beads are best as diamonds.

The Barbie Doll Cake

The Barbie with her little princess, the birthday girl.

I just realised that I had never shared my butter icing recipe. Here you go.

Whip together all the ingredients. A block of butter, a tsp of vanilla essence, 3-4 tbs of milk (any will do), icing sugar up to the sweetness you prefer. For this cake I used 3 blocks of butter.


myheartbleeds said...

wow!! this is one experiment I'd love to undertake!! I already asked my first-born Maira if she wanted a Barbie cake for her 10th b-day in May sebab I yang teringin nak buat -- but she said she has outgrown Barbie... hmmm... tak de canlah nak test bakat hahaha...

yours is lovely... tell me, apa yang you tak leh buat??? :-)

jabishah said...

Hehehe... tx MHB. Alaaa Im sure you too can deco such cake. How bout for Misha. I guess she has not outgrown Barbie ;-)

The Corporate Athlete said...

hi boza, how r u? Got to know abt your interesting blog from Nana ... my my my .... all food looked super extra delicious, and this cake definitely captured my attention... take any orders tak??? :)

Lai Yin said...

Thank u v much for another g8 inspiration! My daughter sama dengan 'myheartbleeds' la...not into Barbie anymore...macam mana nak buat kek with Hannah Montana, ya???

jabishah said...

Hello arfian,

Orders? Hmmm.. why not? Cool site you hv there. Now I know which Arfian..

jabishah said...

Hi Lai Yin,
Tx. I have been neglecting this blog. So engrossed updating my travel journal in my homepage.

Anyway, about Hanna Montana.. you can get the edible picture bakery shop but I know it is not that challemging right. Why don't you visit my first entry on cakes - Roller s8 cake if Im not mistake for ideas. There I used KimPossible miniature toy & my Yasmin loved it.

Tx for dropping by.

VersedAnggerik said...


this is certainly a labour of love for your loved one!

jabishah said...

Thank you dear... ;-)

Anonymous said...


Where did you get the doll cake pan and how much did it cost?


jabishah said...

Hi anon,

Bought my Wilton doll cake set at Bake With Yen. If not mistaken it was rm75.