Monday, 1 December 2008

Cupcakes - Elmo, Big Bird & Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster

Big Bird

I love to use this simple vanilla cupcakes recipe I found in the net. Here is the link.

The deco, I used ring nozzle size 3 & 4 for the fur. Size 233 is better but I don't own one. Size 2 for the eyes & nose. The pupil, I pasted a chocolate chip to each eye ball. The mouth, I used biscuit crumbs.

Enjoy decorating.


Shida said...

Hi Boza,
Great looking cuppies. A suggestion for the mouth for elmo, you could also halved an oreo cookie, which will act wonderfully as the mouth. Btw, wishing Nadeen many great birthdays surrounded by love and loving parents & siblings.

jabishah said...

Hey babe,
Tx. It was fun playing around with the icing... hehehehe

I did try one of the cuppies with halved an oreo cookie but my girl asked why wasn't elmo smiling. I also made it into quarter still not a smile. In the end I ended up making crumbs out of the cookies. What I should have done... I think I should have traced a smile onto the cuppie b4 sprinkling the crumbs. Kan?
Love your cuppies!

Jaanvi said...

Hi Jabishah
First time on your blog... Really liked the fur thing in cuppies... cute :) I am sure they will be delicious as well..

jabishah said...

Hi Jaanvi,

Tx for hopping by. Yes the cuppies are yummy. Cc out the link I posted for the full recipe.

fazemy said...

The cupcake so kiut la..nak mkn pun syg..

jabishah said...

Klu tak makan... rugi. Org lain yg habiskan nanti. ;-) Tx.