Saturday, 15 November 2008

Dalca Kambing

I have a few recipes waiting to be posted but was caught up writing on my other blog. So here you go, a Chef Wan recipe I recently tried - Dalca Kambing.

First is to saute 10 shallots, 2 garlics & 1 cm of ginger (all pounded) together with 3 cardamons (biji pelaga), 5cm cinnamon stick (kayu manis), 2 star anise (bunga lawang), 3 cloves (bunga cengkih) & curry leaves.

Add in a packet of curry paste. Stir until a thin film of oil rises to the top.

Join in a kg of lamb ribs

Stir well & combine in the earlier boiled dhal (200 gm).

Stir together with the paste & lamb.

Pour in a litre of coconut milk.

Join in carrots, potatoes & egg plants.

Once the potatoes are almost tender combine in long beans & okra.

Lastly the tomatoes.

Let simmer & add salt to taste.

Here you go, Dalca Kambing. Serve with Nasi Tomato or Nadi Dhal.


Jaanvi said...


Doesn't the taste of lamb marred by all these veggies?

jabishah said...

Not so Jaanvi. I do not simmer for such a long time. Just enough for the veggies to soften.

fazemy said...

So yummy..but i cant eat the lamb. will get headache. heee

jabishah said...

Ye lah. Some ppl cant eat kambing but my family pening tak mkn kambing.. ;-)

fazemy said...

haha. ada jugak yer mcm tu. so where's you get d stok? kambing ni kan jarang org jual.

umno_baru said...