Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Wow! I haven't posted anything for quite awhile. It's like I haven't been cooking!! The truth is, there was nothing special to post. But I have a few recipes to be uploaded, waiting for turns.

Prepared a pizza for my girls recently. I have been looking for a recipe that uses instant yeast & I found one. After a few adjustments, here it goes.

Add 250gm flour, with 140ml cold water, a sachet of instant yeast (11gm), 2 tbs oil & a tsp of salt inside a big bowl.

Mix & knead until it becomes like this.

Proof dough for 20 -25 minutes. Flatten the dough onto a pan (wise to oil first) & half bake the pizza base for 15 minutes at 220C.

Next is the best part... the girls always enjoy putting whatsoever they love onto their pizza. Due to the excitement I straight away put the unbaked pizza into my oven without taking any photo... But here is how it looks like after being baked for another 20 -30 minutes at 220C.

Care for a slice?

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