Friday, 30 March 2007


This is my ever favourite Malay delicacy. To those who are not familiar, karipap is a Malay version of curry puff. I'm very sure the person who first started making karipap knew the English Language. Curry Puff - Karipap! What a brilliant idea!! To prepare karipap, the first thing to prepare is the curry fillings. I love use lots of chopped onions. As always, stir fry the onions with oil until almost golden. While waiting, take a packet of curry powder & mix with a little bit of water. If you like you may add chilly paste or paprika to the curry paste. But I do not in this recipe. I prepare this for my girls to take to school for their snacks. I would if I were to make it only for hubby & I.

After that, add a bit of water & oil (if necessary). Wait for a couple of minutes for the curry paste to properly cooked.

Next join minced meat in the pan. Stir thoroughly & let the meat simmer together with the paste. Do not add water yet as the meat will produce some juice.

Chop about 4 - 5 potatoes & put all inside the pan. Add water just almost covering the potatoes & salt according to taste. Next is to wait for the potatoes to tender.

Once the potatoes are almost tender join the already chopped chinese celery. This can also be substituted with coriander leaves.

Now you have the curry fillings. It's okay if you prepare the fillings extra. It can always be stored in the freezer for a later time when you are in the mood to prepare the pastry again. I normally prepare the fillings first, store it the fridge & only the next day I get the pastry done.

Here is the fun part. Preparing the dough. I use margarine in this recipe. Have never used butter before. Please do by all means & tell me about it. Wheat flour & margarine mixed together.

I do not measure according to amount but more to colour. If the colour turns slightly yellow then it is ready to be kneaded with water. Not too much. Just enough for it to turn to this soft & smooth dough.

To prevent from waste, my mother taught me this trick of rolling the dough to small balls about the size of a golf ball. In fact, you can even estimate the mount of karipap you will get to prepare.

Roll the ball flat to almost an oval shape.Not too thick & also not too thin.

Scoop about a tsp of the earlier prepared fillings & put it onto the flattened dough.

Seal it all around carefully.

I am not sure what the next process is called. Basically it to strengthen the seals. With your thumb, press the edges downwards orderly until you reach the end of the edge.

There you have it. But it's not edible yet. It needs to be fried with slow fire.

These karipaps can be stored in the freezer. It is the best snack to serve to guests especially the unexpected ones. The yummy looking& delicious taste karipap.


kat said...

Mmmm... I love karipaps! But I don't like frying them. I don't even fry nuggets or french fries! I bake them. You think I can bake these karipaps instead??

jabishah said...

I have no idea kat... Never tried that before. Will give it a try & let you know!

jabishah said...

Kat, Ive tried baking in the oven. It tasted better deep fried though. Moreover, it takes shorter time frying than baking.

jemir said...

u haven't been preparing these 'karipaps' for ages...!!! will i be expecting them when i come home in few days time?

jabishah said...

Complaining 'bout your weight but fail to control your lust over food... LOL!