Sunday, 3 February 2008

Ikan Masak Asam Pedas

This used to be HB's favourite. Anyhow, his love for this dish has lessen. Wonder why?...... Perhaps he discovers a better "masak asam pedas" than mine... :l Nah... I realise that he seldoms opt for this dish anymore whenever we dine out for "nasi campur".

Okay let's start cooking. First is to blend some shallots & garlics. Use lots of shallots more than garlics. The thickness of the gravy depends on the amount of blended ingredients.Saute this until slightly golden & add in chilly paste. Depends on your taste buds. I like mine spicy.

Keep on stirring until the paste is cooked. Next put in the fish. In this recipe I used red snapper. Coat the fish with the cooked paste.

When the fish is half cooked, pour in the tamarind juice.

Next is the vegetables. Egg plant, lady's fingers, torch ginger, Vietnamese coriander all in the pan.

Egg plant

Lady's fingers

Torch ginger - "bunga kantan"

Vietnamese coriander - "daun kesom"

Let simmer until the vegetables are tender. I ran out of tomatoes. If you choose to put in tomatoes, wait until the other vegetables soften then only you add in the tomatoes & of course salt to taste. I do not use shrimp paste in this recipe. Hubby is allergic to it.

Now you have it, "Ikan Masak Asam Pedas".


Asiah said...

this is splendid! shall try it at home. thx!

jabishah said...

No problem at all asiah. Mine is without the belachan as hubby is not a fan ;-)