Friday, 8 February 2008

Cream Caramel Pudding

I love this pudding! Been making it since I was a teenage. But I stopped for quite some time. I was the only person in this household who was crazy about this dessert. Whenever I prepared this, I ended up eating it alone....

Now, I have a partner in crime... Yasmin. She loves this pudding as much as I do. Not Wardah & Balqis. They love only the caramel & expect us to eat up the left over pudding!!

For this pudding first of all is to prepare the caramel. I don't use the instant caramel. Mine is homemade of course so I can control the level of sweetness. I prefer my caramel bitter sweet. I use 4 to 5 ladle of coarse sugar. Heat up the sugar alone in a pan. Let it melt on its own.

Once golden, pour in 2 to 3 cups of water. Make sure the sugar has properly melted. Careful because there will be a sizzling sound. Keep on stirring.

Now, the caramel is ready. Put aside to cool.

Next is the batter. Whisk 5 eggs using mixer. Crack each egg into a small bowl first before joining them all together in the mixing bowl. This is to make sure that no residue but only the yolk & the white egg is used. Hence, the texture of the pudding will be flawless.

After that, pour in a can of Ideal milk together with 3/4 can (the Ideal milk can) of water.

My little assistant pouring in the Ideal milk & the 3/4 can of water.

Don't forget a pinch of salt.

And of course a teaspoonful of vanilla essence.

Whisk everything for a couple of minutes.

Next, take a big container or 2 small containers & pour in the caramel prepared earlier.

Pour the batter onto the caramel.

My assistant joining the batter with the caramel.

Put the container in a steamer.

Steam for approximately an hour.

If you use a 2 tier steamer. Change the container after half an hour.

Let cool in the fridge.

My yummy cream caramel pudding.


Anonymous said...

pandai balqis....

jabishah said...

Balqis said "Sebab mama pandai ajar.."

Anonymous said...

This is excellent........its really tasty.......Keep it up.......

jabishah said...

Hi there,
Tx. I gather you hv given this recipe a try? It's pretty simple, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey... Could you please tell me how many ml's the tin of ideal milk be? the bigger one or the smaller one?

jabishah said...

There is only 1 size of ideal milk can in Malaysia. The one I used no ml's written but 400gm. Hope it answers to your Q.

Anonymous said...

I've tried this at home! It's really delicious!

Dilla said...

saya sedang mencuba resepi ni (tgh tunggu kukus). do u mind if i put the recipe in my blog(with reference to urs of course?)

tq. ramadhan kareem.

jabishah said...

Salam dilla,

My pleasure.... Tx.

Anonymous said...

um... isn't this practically the same thing as flan?