Saturday, 5 January 2008

Chicken Rice

Here is my family's favourite menu. It is really easy to cook, perhaps the preparation would take some time. This chinese cuisine might differ from others. But to me, this one is the best as it was the chicken rice my mother used to prepare for my siblings & I when we were kids. First is to marinate the chicken. There are many ways to prepare the chicken. Some prefer to roast, bbq or even steam... but I prefer my chicken fried. The chicken marinated with turmeric powder, salt & honey.

Put aside the marinated chicken. Next is to get the soup (chicken stock) ready. Saute some sliced shallot, garlic & ginger. Once golden & fragrant, add in chicken carcass. Stir for a few minutes & pour in water. Let simmer. Add salt to taste.

While waiting for the soup to boil, we can prepare the rice. First is to heat butter or margarine on a pan. Put in sliced garlic & ginger, with a 2 cm cinnamon stick & a couple of cloves. Saute until golden.

Transfer the ingredients from the pan into a rice cooker. Join in the rice & stir together with the sauted garlic, ginger & spices.

Next is to add in the soup prepared earlier. The measurement is 1 : 2 that is a cup of rice, 2 cups of soup. Put in pandan leaves for the aroma & a little bit of salt. Cover the rice cooker & wait.

Now take out the marinated chicken. Deep fry the chicken.

For the chilly sauce, blend fresh chillies with some garlic. Cook in a pan with half cup of water. Next add in ketchup, sugar & salt.

My soy sauce is rather simple. I simply use the sweet soy sauce which I get in the supermarket & add a half cup of the soup.

Now the chicken rice is ready to be eaten. Do not forget the vegetables. Cucumber, lettuce & tomato, served raw with the sauce prepared.

Wardah indulging in her favourite food.


ka..t said...

Yumm!! I was looking for the recipe for malay chicken rice! I love the soup! Thanks, ja!

Datang sini, semua kena buat sendiri. Takde kat kedai!! :D You ada recipe untuk satay tak??

jabishah said...

Hi Kat! How are you? Glad you like it. I have a satay recipe somewhere but tak pernah cuba. You want me to try first or you want to try it for me? LOL!

jemir said...

a must try dish...!!! my diet goes down the drain whenever she cooks this!!! ggrrr....

jabishah said...

I take that as a compliment.... ;D